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Table Lamps

crystal table lamp with lamp shade

gold and white table lamp on brown wooden tableTable Lamps

Selecting table lamps that are suitable for your interior is as much important as the walls’ color or the type of rug you’re using. Table lamps can help you adding an ambient lighting to your interior and enhance your existing decoration. There are various sizes and heights to table lamps, so make sure you choose the right options based on your available space. You should also take into consideration the amount of additional lighting you need in the room.

For instance, if you have a room with a lot of windows that already gets natural outdoor sunlight, then less bed lamps may be needed in the room. However, if your space is darker and there is less outdoor light coming in due to less windows or other reasons, you may consider adding more to the room.

A table lamp is a beautiful way to light up your existing decoration and add a new ambiance to your living space. Table lamps can basically be used in any room in your home such as the living room, bedroom, or office. You can use them in room with lower ceilings in order to make them feel higher and bigger. 

Indoor decoration

Your lamp must match the furniture you already have in your house. For instance, you may choose a nice white nightstand lamp as a great addition to a white bed.

You also might want to consider the color of your floor or rugs when choosing your lamp shade. For example, a white lamp in a room with light color walls can fit into the room nicely. Moreover, a yellow colored rug could match a brown lamp well too. However, if you don’t want the table lamp to catch too much attention, you should avoid bold colors. Make sure you consider where the table lamp will be used while choosing it.

How to choose your table lamp

Table lamps can be both elegant and traditional. They are useful and functional at the same time. They can be added to your home to bring a nice and cosy atmosphere while also enhancing the lighting quality. They make useful and functional side table lamps. Our lamp shades come in many different styles, including geometrics patterns. They look great as a bed lamp but would also be super stylish in your office. 

You can find different sizes available on Crystal Lampshade and shop the right item that will match your interior. 

If you are looking for bed lamps, they are a great decorative option for your bedroom. Make sure that they are matching the colors you have already selected for your bedroom furnitures. Also, they should provide a nice light rather than a disturbing and bright glow. In order to achieve this, you must choose bed lamps with dark colors or round shades. They will disperse light easier. 

Table lamps for your living room

Do you want to shop living room lamps? Lamp tables will enhance the decoration of your space, whereas glass lamps will create an elegant aesthetic. Make sure to browse through our glass lamps varieties which come in many styles and designs.

You might also shop for table lamp sets at For example, if you are trying to create a coherent style in your living room, you can shop for a set of two or three table lamps in order to spread them around the room and create a nice atmosphere. One set might include a floor lamp near the window, and a smaller lamp over the table next to the TV.

At Crystal Lampshade, we offer a range of different materials in which lamps are made from. Glass is certainly a common option, but you will also find metal, ceramic, resin, crystal, wood, or plastic available on We strive to offer the best quality table lamps to make your rooms look great. We also always make sure you always have many possibilities for your home. For this reason, we have so many Table Lamps types, because we want you to get the one you’ve been exactly looking for. Check them out and find the best deals on

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