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How To Light Your Bedroom

Bedroom lighting is an important aspect that you should definitely take into consideration while decorating your space. Since your bedroom is one of the spaces you spend most of your time, you should purchase the right lighting items for ambient, task and accent lighting. Moreover, picking the right bulb is also the key of creating a balance and enhance the lighting of your bedroom.

If you match the right layer of lightings, you will definitely make a massive improvement that will make your bedroom feel even more comfortable and cosy. Let’s have a look at some lighting tips that will help you creating a well-lit, functional and restful atmosphere.

Ambient Lighting

Proper ambient lighting or general lighting usually strikes through windows or skylights. It is ideal for general tasks such as making your bed or folding clothes. If you want to enhance it, you might consider including floor lamps or pendant lights in your design.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is essential for activities which require focus and concentration, like reading of applying make-up. For these kind of tasks, we invite you to consider bedside lamps or spot lights which you can direct according to where you’d like the focus to be made on.

Accent Lighting

Last but not least, accent lighting is typically designed to give off a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. This effect can be achieved through utilizing several fixtures wall sconces or tape lights.

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