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Lamp Shades

Choosing lampshades might sound easy at first, but for some people it can sound like picking a new outfit for a very special occasion. For this reason, choosing the right shade might be a challenge – are here to help! Moreover, a lamp shade needs to fit with your home decoration without catching too much attention and stealing the show from your signature furniture pieces.

Always keep this in mind when purchasing

If you’re picking your shade for the first time, there is a rule you need to keep in mind. The height of a shade should be roughly two thirds of the height of the base. Additionally, the width of the shade should be roughly equal to the height of the lamp from base to fitting.

Furthermore, when it comes to styling, you should definitely consider the space. A larger lamp will look better with a prominent sized shade. If it’s too small it can get a little bit lost and fade into the background. Wall lights and spotlights are great advocates for larger spaces if you really need to illuminate a room.

We offer a wide collection of products. You may realize how diverse they are while screening through or website. They come in different shapes, materials, colors, and sizes. Additionally, they all have an impact on the quality, direction, and amount of light that enters the room.

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