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green-leaved plant in glass vase


If you want to add your personal stamp to your home, try to place a vase wherever you have an empty surface. Often, you will notice that the slighter touches help to enhance the entire design layout in the space. Crystal Lampshade offers a great collection of interesting vases in a variety of sizes and colors. There are always choices to revolutionize the look of any room in your house.

Vases are an easy way to decorate a space to add an effortless style. The color of a vase will instantly make a great impact on the room. Make sure to choose a style that matches with your indoor design. You can choose handcrafted vases if your home has a contemporary décor. However, we recommend you to try shiny vases to bring a minimalist feel to your modern space.

You can place vases pretty much everywhere: at the center of the dining table, over bookshelves or on console tables.


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